Explore Fanari

The tour has starting point the port of Hermoupolis, and in just 1.5 miles, south of the uninhabited island “Gaidaros” you can dive and explore the shipwreck.



It is the wreck of the passenger-tourist cruise ship Lyktos 1, with a capacity of 220 tons and a length of 33 meters, which was built in the shipyards of Avlida. The ship’s superstructure was completely destroyed in the fire that preceded her sinking in 1989 but the rest of the hull is in very good condition. Its relatively shallow depth – 12 meters maximum – the high brightness of the waters and the easy access make Lyktos quite an attractive diving destination.

After the underwater ride in Lyktos, we will arrive at the small island of Didymi where you can visit the lighthouse, a site of great historical interest. It is both the oldest and the tallest in the Greek lighthouse network.

We will anchor at a beach called “Megali Agali” and you will have the chance to swim, snorkel & relax on one of the most secluded, sandy beaches with crystal-clear, calm waters while offering some local pies, cheese, tomatoes, fresh seasonable fruits, beers and beverages.

Last but not least, we will head to Vaporia area, an upscale district of Syros with impressive architectural touches that bear witness to the glamorous past.

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