Explore North-West Syros

The tour has starting point from ‘’Kini”



Kini is a picturesque fishing village and a famous seaside settlement for its succulent sea foods and fresh fish as well as its magnificent sunsets with their incredible harmony of colors, and its fine view over the sea.

Heading South to Saint Stefanos you will come across with a beautiful and picturesque chapel, in the area of Galissas, built among the rocks. It was built by a fisherman who was saved from the tentacles of a large octopus, after praying to the Saint to help him escape. It is a Catholic chapel where you can organize wedding & baptism ceremonies which are very impressive and unique.

We will continue in the north part of Syros, where we will have the chance to see the protected area & beaches. They are famous for the crystal clear waters, the calm that still prevails & the secluded beaches that you can enjoy without too many people. Not only a rocky area, but also mountainous and sometimes very barren. Yet you’ll also see vineyards and olive groves. From northwest to southwest we will see the beaches of Grammata, Gria Spilia, Marmari, Lia, Avlaki, Aetos and Varvarousa. We may anchor in α beach of your preference to enjoy the view, snorkeling, swim & relax, while you can taste some of our local products and wine or soft drinks which are included. For the brave ones, there is a cliff point to dive from high rocks.

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